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Reducing carbon emissions and investments in renewable energy are the major focus and effort of HKICS’s Sustainability.

The ultimate goal of adopting matrix of measurable actions is to create long-term value for the Company as well as society and environment as a whole.

Solar Energy

All four HKICS plants have been fully installed Solar Panel System to convert sunlight energy into electrical energy and integrated with the Power Plants.

LED Lighting

95% Lighting of four HKICS plants has been upgraded to LED which saves more than 70% on lighting’s electricity consumption compared with traditional lights.

Electric Truck

Since 2023, HKICS starts to employ electric trucks for serving customers and aims to replace all existing trucks with electric ones in coming five years, we focus on improving air quality for a better living environment in Hong Kong.

GPS Technology

With the use of Fleet Management System, HKICS’s fleet team optimises the routes of every truck every day, which highly reduces energy consumption and carbon footprints.