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Edible Ice

The packaged edible ice, manufactured from our Yau Tong Ice Plant & Tai Po Ice Plant approved as licensed food factory, is bagged in 10 kg for institutional and consumer users. The package carries the registered trademark of “CoolingIce”.

Our reefer trucks deliver packaged edible ice to institutional users namely restaurant, café, bar, food processor, sports event and exhibition event…etc

To meet quality control process of such “make-shift” fast moving consumer goods, the plant is equipped with on-line control lab to monitor continuously most critical control parameters and micro.


The packaged edible ice is produced under strict sanitary conditions:

  • municipal potable water is treated to meet beverage water standards, of which filtration and UV light seldom meet;
  • ice conversion process is done in concealed environment to minimize potential contamination;
  • ice cube is then transferred from plant room to automatic ice bin, “walking floor” via stainless steel screw conveyor in conceal condition;
  • the “walking floor” system issues “first-in first-out” ice cube to an automatic packer; and
  • bagged edible ice is temporarily stored in the finished goods cold store prior to loading to distribution trucks.