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Fleet Team

The fleet team operating with more than 25 reefer trucks serves the cold chain logistics (chilled and frozen delivery) and ambient logistics all around Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories.

The use of Fleet Management System (FMS) further enhances our logistics service level as immediate access to fleet locations takes place, and instant communication lets customers know where the delivery is and when it will arrive. With synergy from the private-owned cold store in Aberdeen, HKICS aims to provide a professional One Stop Solution on cold chain logistics in Hong Kong.

The packaged edible ice is bagged 10 kg for institutional and consumer users. The package carries the registered trademark of “CoolingIce”. Our direct sales & distribution reefer trucks deliver both packaged edible ice and dry ice to institutional users namely restaurant, café, bar, food processor, sports event, exhibition event …etc.

Fleet team with reefer trucks in service
Edible ice & dry ice distribution all around Hong Kong