The company comprises of five profit centers; four ice plants and one commercial cold store. The ice plants are located at (1) Aberdeen, source to HK Island, (2) Yau Tong Bay, supply point to Kowloon, (3) Castle Peak, distribution to West New Territory and (4) Tai Po, serving the northern part of New Territory. The ice plants are primarily producing crushed tube ice with system product capacity of 1,400 ton per day and storage capability of 2,200 ton. Apart from crushed tube ice for industrial usage, the company also produces and distributes edible ice for immediate consumption. Besides, a commercial cold store with storage capability of 5,700 ton or 8,100 pallets space is located adjacent Aberdeen facility.

Address: 11 Tin Wan Praya Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong.
Contact: Cold Store: Ms. Wong Ice: Mr. Simon Lee
Title: Sales Representative
Phone No.: (852) 2554 1105 - Cold Store / (852) 2553 8211 - Ice
Edible Ice Order Desk No.: (852) 2775 5282
Fax No.: (852) 2554 5425 - Cold Store (852) 2873 4191 - Ice
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